Our Belgian Draft Horses are truly the most powerful animals on the farm! 

Our horses are Sable, Naughty, Remi and Rogue. These girls were born to pull, and they love to get out on a nice leisurely hay ride. They also pull some of our horse-drawn farm equipment, including a manure spreader and a grass mower. 

Belgian Draft horses originate in Belgium, and are one of the strongest of the Heavy Horse breeds. They can endure the harshest of climates, though they thrive much better in the cold than in the heat. They average between 1500 and 2000lbs, and a team can pull over 10,000lbs of weight. Our girls prefer to pull our wagon and sleigh in teams of two. Sable and Naughty are our regular working team, and Remi and Rogue are our young team in training. 

Health + Care

Like all of the horses on our farm, our Belgians receive individualized care to make sure that they are healthy, happy, and fit. Besides regular vaccinations and deworming, they also have regulardental exams, as well as their hooves trimmed every 12 weeks. 


$300 - On farm Wagon ride + Petting Zoo visit, includes a 30 minute wagon ride, followed by a petting zoo visit. We are happy to accommodate special needs and seniors! 

At your event: Please call to book us to travel to your event. Pricing varies depending on location and hours.